How to Get Started in Mailing and Fulfillment

Sponsored by: interlinkONE

Printing companies have been deluged with the benefits of diversifying their businesses by adding mailing, fulfillment, digital print, database management and digital asset management. This presentation is focused on the addition of mailing and fulfillment services to the operation. These two diversification vehicles are many times used in the same sentence, which is very misleading. These are two entirely different businesses with vastly different business models and requiring quite different adoption approaches to be successful. Tom Quinn will help to unravel some of the mysteries concerning these two very useful diversification vehicles.

The objective of this session is to help webinar attendees gain an understanding of:

· The differences between the mailing and fulfillment business models
· When to deploy mailing and fulfillment services and associated strategies
· How to deploy the services and suggested action plan
· Which of your current departments will be most affected by these new services
· What will be the long term benefits and risks of these new services

Join Mr. Quinn for a fast paced presentation that will include some of his own experiences and case studies on how to do it right.

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