A New Direction for Printers & Packagers: How to Capitalize on Current M&A Trends

Sponsored by: New Direction Partners
Speakers: Peter Schaefer, Partner, New Direction Partners and Paul Reilly, Partner, New Direction Partners

Just as the printing and packaging markets are changing rapidly, so too is the landscape for industry M&A activity. Whether you’re a potential buyer or a seller, it’s more critical than ever to stay abreast of today’s valuation multiples, deal structures and growth markets. Since knowledge is power, don’t miss the opportunity to hear today’s leading industry M&A experts share their wisdom and insight.

Between the three of them, the panelists on this webinar have a combined 75 years of experience in the M&A business, with a focus on the printing and packaging industries. Whether you are considering an exit strategy or growing your top or bottom line through the acquisition of another company, this webinar will provide you with the information needed to effectively guide you through the process.

Join Peter Schaefer and Paul Reilly, from New Direction Partners, and moderator Stuart Margolis, from Margolis Partners, to learn:

– What multiples are being paid for businesses like yours
– What determines value and how to maximize it
– Who is buying printing/packaging companies
– What segments are attractive today
– How to best position your business to be an attractive seller or purchaser

Sponsored by New Direction Partners

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