Art of the Deal: Initial Considerations

Sponsored by: Consolidated Graphics
Speakers: Joe Davis, Chairman & CEO, Consolidated Graphics and Jim Cohen, Executive Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions, Consolidated Graphics

Consolidated Graphics executives Joe Davis and Jim Cohen provide an overview of their company and examine how changing technologies are impacting the M&A landscape. They’ll provide a glimpse of the products and vertical markets that today’s buyers are seeking, along with those they seek to avoid. Among the highlights of part one in this two-part series:

– What makes a company attractive to buyers?
– How do buyers go about valuing a company?
– What is the critical path to selling my business – timing, documents, process?
– Pitfalls in selling your company – what to watch out for.
– How do I protect myself when opening the kimono to competitors?
– How do I keep the process secret? Is it wrong to lie to my employees?

Sponsored by Consolidated Graphics

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