All About: Sustainability Webinar Series – Manage Your List the Green Way

Speakers: Jeff Zabin, Research Fellow, Aberdeen Group; Randy Erdahl, President/Co-founder, Decision Intelligence Inc.; Mike Yapuncich, Vice President of Product Development, List Processing, Experian

Going green is about more than which paper and ink you use for direct mail efforts. Sustainable business practices include managing your database and prospecting activities as efficiently as possible. Purging duplicate records, cleaning dirty addresses, employing suppression/contact preference databases and segmenting your lists for accurate targeting equals direct marketing in the least wasteful manner possible—not to mention a greater ROI. By following list maintenance best practices, you will reduce your run lengths; enable more effective, 1:1 communications; and reduce the amount of undeliverable-as-addressed mail that burdens the USPS and torpedoes your campaign results.

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