A Value Added-Pricing Strategy: “We’re not the cheapest, but…”

Sponsored by: HP
Speakers: Scott Feldman, Chief Strategist, Progressive Solutions; Scott Dubois, President, pidalia; Val DiGiacinto, President, Val DiGiacinto & Partners, Inc

In the highly competitive production printing marketplace, it can be difficult to persuade customers to buy from you if there is a perception that you offer similar products to competitors, but with a higher price tag. Furthermore, trying to beat competitors on price alone is cutthroat, risky, and not recommended. This strategy attracts bargain-hunters who are all too ready to defect to competitors for a better deal.

Service providers must focus on the real value that they are delivering to customers to attract and build a loyal customer base. There is a reason that people buy designer-label clothes and luxury cars… and that reason is perceived value! In this Webinar, you’ll hear from experienced service providers about building a value-added pricing model. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Pricing models for value-add
  • Communicating your value proposition
  • Bundled versus unbundled pricing
  • Effective responses to customer “pricing objections”
  • Creation of an effective proposal

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