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The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet
March 26, 2015 at 3:09 am

Production inkjet has many speed, productivity, and flexibility advantages, but it is different than both offset and digital color toner devices.This educational resource covers topics such as:  inkjet media and inksdesign software settingsfile preparationquestions designers should ask their print providersand more!

Print Buyers & the Paper Industry
January 26, 2015 at 2:31 am

Corporate print buyers could well be entitled “paper buyers,” since almost every buyer also sources paper for commercial print jobs. How they source their paper and where they gather their “paper intelligence” was the basis of this 2014 study by Margie Dana and consultant John Zarwan.

Guide to Integrated Marketing and Media Convergence
April 4, 2014

This book was developed to provide the printer or print provider with an understanding of the many new tools (legacy media and emerging technologies) available to them. When applied, these tools will help you develop new business for yourselves and your clients—and hopefully to increase your profits.

The New Print Buyers
February 7, 2014

This report provides important insight into the new print buyer. With this information, service providers will learn: 

  • The role today’s print buyer plays in sourcing print
  • What services today’s print buyers seek in their print partners
  • How their location plays a part in buyers’ practices today, and which buyers will look further afield when sourcing print
  • And so much more

Setup Reduction for Printers
June 3, 2013

Using practical printing examples, Setup Reduction for Printers shows how you can engage your team, utilizing Lean principles, to methodically work through the process of makeready reduction. Using a motorsports pit crew analogy, your employees can work through the strategies discussed in this book to lower your costs and improve your bottom line

Sales Compensation Plans: Samples from the Industry, 2013 Edition
May 14, 2013

Sales Compensation Plans: 
Samples from the Industry, 2013 Edition
Printing Industries of America Human Relations Department

This publication was developed as a result of numerous requests from our members for additional information about sales compensation plans. Our previous efforts, Sales Compensation and Incentive Plans: Samples from the Industry (2001) andIncentive, Bonus, and Recognition Plans from the Printing Industry (2004), are both still available and contain interesting approaches to sales compensation that may be useful to the reader when designing their company’s sales compensation plan.

Color Printing Excellence
May 14, 2013

Author Gary G. Field blends years of practical experience in the printing industry with his research work at leading universitites to explain why we encounter color quality limits and how they often may be extended. His authoritative treatment spans the following topics:

  • Printing system choices
  • Color reproduction objectives and strategies
  • Viewing color images
  • Color correction and approval

Strategy & Tactics for Boosting Direct Mail Response
October 1, 2012

Strategy & Tactics for Boosting Direct Mail Response is the first in a new "Response Rules" series from Direct Marketing IQ and it will be your guide to getting the best possible response from your direct mail campaigns.

Design & Formats for Boosting Direct Mail Response
October 1, 2012

“Design & Formats for Boosting Direct Mail Response” is dedicated to helping you get people in the door… or prospects into your mail piece. No matter how great your data, your campaign strategy or even your copywriting, if the design doesn’t work, then your latest mailing will flop.

JDF Workflow: A Guide to Automation in the Graphic Communications Industry
July 20, 2012

Job Definition Format (JDF) and Job Messaging Format (JMF), based on the XML standard, provide one of the most important recent innovations for the automation of print production. JDF Workflow: A Guide to Automation in the Graphic Communications Industry, demonstrates that it is more than just a data format by providing a comprehensive examination of the format as well as the workflow that can be built with the help of JDF.

Digital Paths to Profit
July 11, 2012

Whether you're considering a new investment or looking to maximize your existing investment, Digital Paths to Profit explains the best practices for successfully adding digital infrastructure and integrating digital services into your workflow. While providing a framework for approaching the new role of print in a multichannel world, Digital Paths to Profit shows how integrating digital services will aid you in addressing significant structural changes, growing volume, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, and opening the door to new revenue streams.

Hands-On Marketing for the Printer
July 11, 2012

Implement key marketing principles and buying trends that affect print sales to improve your company's market position and increase profits. By implementing Hands-On Marketing techniques, you can prepare and put into practice a marketing plan that will quickly improve sales and profits.

Digital Prepress Primer
July 11, 2012

Keeping up with all of the changes in prepress is an ongoing battle for everyone involved in print production. This book is designed to give the reader a straightforward reference to the new technologies used in prepress. It provides a short, illustrated, non-technical orientation to digital prepress along with a glossary of basic terms.

Gravure Primer
July 11, 2012

This book is written for the general reader who would like to understand the current technology, processes, and terminology associated with gravure printing. A glossary of commonly used terms is provided, along with drawings and photos that provide visual reference to technical concepts.

Handbook for Digital Printing and Variable-Data Printing
July 11, 2012

Starting with an overview of digital and variable-data printing and culminating with an extensive glossary, this handbook addresses a wide range of topics to help you successfully enter this new printing realm and make informed business decisions.

Hiring & Managing for the 21st Century Print Shop
July 11, 2012

Learn the approaches the industry leaders use to find and keep the best employees in sales, production, managerial, and support staff — practical, proven solutions, with real-world examples, thought-provoking exercises, and probing employment interview questions. With an extensive list of resources that will help printers find, hire, and manage human resources, including industry events and seminars, Internet job boards, and professional search firms, legal resources, trade publications, and trade associations, Hiring and Managing meets the unique needs of the industry as it shifts from ink-on-paper to a greater focus on providing service to the customer.

Managing and Selling Digital Prepress
July 10, 2012 at 5:20 am

Educate yourself — and your clients — about the major issues in the high-tech area of digital prepress operations. Filled with tips to avoid common roadblocks in production, this is a perfect companion to prep for your next sales call or deal with prepress.