Wired Magazine – iPad Edition Review

Wired magazine released it’s newest addition designed specifically for the iPad. It is basically an app that is purchased on the Apple App Store. With a price tag of $4.99, it is roughly the same cost as Wired’s printed counterpart. The application took 20 minutes to download and once loaded it ran very smoothly.

The overall experience was good for me. It met my expectation in the sense of how it blended the magazine experience and the abilities of the iPad. While I think this is the first attempt of a soon to be explosion of this type of content, it did capture many of the basic elements such as embedded videos, audio and use of the rotation abilities of the device.

I believe the opportunity for printers will be to add this type of application development to their product offerings, thus allowing them to handle each type of distribution channel. It will require outsourcing the application development or adding a new type of skilled employee. What is still a bit blurry and something I will blog about next is what automation companies like Adobe will bring to bear to allow an easier way to make these applications. Print to PDF or Print to APP…?

Embedded videos are done somewhat smoothly in the application. It worked only when I had available Internet access. A plus to companies developing videos and/or TV ads is that those assets can now be deployed into this type of product. Depending on the size of the video I think it would have been better have the video play within the same page and not take me to its own page.

The use of audio in this article was an excellent improvement to the piece overall. I found it added value to me as the reader and was a nice example of augmenting the overall experience.

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