Why Exhibitions Should Be an Essential Part of Your Print Sales Strategy

Print exhibitions are big business
Around 25,000 visitors attended PRINT 13 last year. It’s the same in Europe. drupa 2012 attracted over 95,000 visitors in the first four days. This year, Ipex pulled in 23,000 visitors.

There is no doubting that printing companies like attending exhibitions. But there is one thing that confuses me.

Why do so few printing companies attend customer-focused exhibitions?

I am constantly surprised at how few printing companies attend events where their customers will be. Here’s just one example. In London, there is a major marketing exhibition. It’s called Technology for Marketing and Advertising. Thousands of people attend.

You would think it would be an ideal marketing opportunity for printers. There are lots of potential customers. They are all searching for new inspiration on how to market their business. The show has a technology focus. You would think it would be an ideal opportunity for printing companies to demonstrate multi-channel marketing opportunities.

Last year, just three printing companies attended the show.

There is a huge opportunity in exhibitions

The companies that did attend Technology for Marketing and Advertising had little competition for their services. It’s the same in other show sectors.

One company I know attended a training exhibition. They gave out a report on how training delegates interacted better with printed course notes. They came away with a large number of new leads. Some of them have led to profitable business.

Here’s an action point for you

Ask your top 10 customers what events they attend. You may well find it worthwhile to look into exhibiting at some of these events.

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