Who Says ‘High End’ Printing is Dead?

How many more times am I going to hear printers tell me they don’t want to get into the “Fancy Printing” market? Are printers just as responsible for this business becoming a commodity as the buyers?

Two years ago I was on site at a customer assisting them with the start up of their first UV equipped printing press. Now here we are two years later and with a second machine retrofitted with UV lamps, they are sending me samples that blow my mind.

Having had numerous conversations and meetings with the VP at this customer over the past couple of years, we have become more than just business associates. We have discussed some crazy thoughts and ideas, which I honestly had questioned myself. I realized quickly that he was as serious and as passionate about our trade as I am.

I have spent the majority of my professional career working with and/or for some of the largest and most innovative printing companies in this country. It was great to see, despite today’s market and economy, that I had found someone that was willing to spend the time and money on the R&D that it takes to pull this off.

Now after opening this last package of completed samples sent to me, I recognized that the wild ideas we’ve previously discussed were not a hallucination and “High End Printing” is still alive.

The package contained high-impact sales sheet samples. These samples boasted a variety of specialty applications from metallic and thermochromic coatings to glow-in-the-dark and dimensional. From the preplanning of the color-corrected images to the execution on press, the results were astounding. All of these pieces reminded me of how great printing could still be if we all strive to keep it there.

All I can say is “KUDOS!” to my friend in Chicago. I have the upmost confidence that you will continue to keep printing a valuable asset and not just a commodity.

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