What Goes Around DOES Come Around

It hardly seems possible that 18 years have gone by since an old friend walked into my messy business and almost forcibly changed my life. Then, just last month, I received a different call from this same friend, Van Thompson, one of the founders of a now successful technology company based in Tennessee.

It seems both our lives AND our businesses are crossing paths once again. A wonderful beginning for a New Year!

In my “System Busters” book, I relate how in 1993 I was pretty much at my wits end in my business—swamped by chaos and thinking to lock the mess inside and walk away—when my friend stopped by my old shop, forcefully interrupting my foul mood, and insisting I take a ride with him. Long story short, I went along grudgingly—pretty much kicking and screaming, “I don’t have time for this!!”—not at all wanting to hear Van’s concerns about my life and the mess I’d made of my business. Really meaning to help, he had pretty much shoved a BOOK into my ungrateful hands that day, and then dropped me back at my shop.

After stubbornly managing to ignore the book for the next two weeks, I finally read it one night, and couldn’t put it down. Suddenly, I sat straight up in bed, having had one of the biggest “Aha” moments of my life. I knew EXACTLY what it would take to fix my business!

All these years since, I’ve gone to great lengths to lobby the owners and managers of many businesses about the fruit of that “Aha” revelation—the knowledge we have gained about the power of well-designed business systems. Meanwhile, my friend Van had been so busy building one of the larger technology companies in America, he knew very little about that “fruit” that grew from the seeds he had helped plant back then.

Philip Beyer realized his calling to business and leadership roles while still in his teens and established his first business in his early twenties. Currently, founder and president of Beyer Printing and Ebiz Products in Nashville, TN, Philip is also a business systems analyst and consultant, author of “System Busters: How to Stop Them In Your Business,” and InterTech award-recipient for designing and developing System100™ business process management software.
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