There’s Always Room for Great Design

David Edmundson and Russ Martin studio samples.

David Edmundson and Russ Martin studio sample.

This is one of the greatest times to be in business because it is really placing pressure on companies to perform at their highest levels of quality and excellence throughout their organizations. At a time when there’s so much to read, listen to, click through and watch, we need to try to find a way to break out of all of the clutter. Great design does that and work by a certain firm at is living up to those standards, as the examples at right demonstrate.

Often, companies will decide that something is meeting their objectives without giving much thought to how it stacks up against the best work in their market. Then a great design shows up, and suddenly there is the basis for a truly big idea. A brand may be born.

Think about your schedule…is there room for another thought, an investigation of another way to get there, or frankly the freedom to throw everything away and start over because nothing is hitting the spot?

So, if there’s time for an emergency financial meeting to discuss current finances, why isn’t there time for new powerful ideation, creativity or re-discovery? Answer that and you will be on your way to setting new records in both creativity and sales!

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