The Luckiest Sales Rep I Know

He was the first sales rep in the door in the morning and the last one to leave at night.

When customer called with a request, their priority became his priority.

He returned voicemail messages immediately, even if it was just to say that he couldn’t talk at length until later.

He didn’t earn orders through his prices. He earned them by offering solutions.

He out thought and out hustled his coworkers and the competition.

When a promising lead came in, his boss would typically give it to him.

Other sales reps in the office felt that he was lucky to have the success he had.

They were right.

He was lucky to have such great customers; customers who were loyal to him despite the fact that there were always lower prices to be found.

He was lucky to consistently see year-to-year sales growth when everyone else experienced decline.

But then everyone else didn’t work as hard as he did.

Everyone else was standing over a 15-ft. putt on a Friday afternoon while he was standing over a 15-page proposal for an order he would eventually get.

Yup. He was lucky all right.

He was the luckiest sales rep I know.

He was also the hardest working sales rep I know.

It’s no secret that those two characteristics are related.

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