Thank You, Fellow Printshop Owners!

I would like to send out a sincere and resounding “THANK YOU!” to my fellow print shop owners. You are probably down the street from me right now, angrily bossing around your minions. Or, you could be sarcastically mistreating your valued vendors. Maybe you are studiously ignoring that emailed estimate because it is complicated.


I am happy to hire your disgruntled, mistreated, underpaid and under-appreciated employees. They have experience in the industry and, under proper direction and with TLC, will actually grow into loyal, productive, responsible and competent teammates.

You make me look good to MY valued vendors because I treat them professionally, I’m organized and well-prepared when I call or meet with them, and I pay them on time! What a concept.

Helping your customers is truly a pleasure! They’re always pleasantly surprised when, after dealing with you for a few months or years, they realize that not all printers are short tempered, condescending, slow to respond and unprofessional. The comparison never fails to make me look like a million bucks!

So, keep on doing what you’re doing, don’t make any changes at all, and don’t be introspective and ask, “Is he talking about ME??” I know it’s hard to improve yourself when you are so busy leading your printing company into bankruptcy.

I’ll be sad when you close, because only the strong will survive and it will be that much more demanding for me to look good compared to the remaining worthy competitors. But that’s OK, too, because I love rising to the challenge!

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  • Kelly Mallozzi

    Love this! I have been thinking a lot about self awareness lately, and i always wondered if some of my old bosses knew how much the vendors and clients hated dealing with them because of things like bad tempers and condescension. Being powerful is no excuse for treating people badly!

  • PrintSellerNE

    This is so dead on! You need to appreciate your employees and act professional at all times. The same treatment should go not only for vendors but COMPETITORS. Printers throw each other business often. It is just good business to respect everyone. This was so nice to read as I have been struggling with this lately at my place of employment.

  • SlaveToTheMan

    How can I (anonymously) send this to the Management of our shop? The second paragraph in particular strikes an all too familiar chord. Why is it that those in charge feel that it’s okay to treat their loyal employees like indentured servants, simply because the market has been in a downward spiral for a few years? The other printers that HAVE survived and are thriving will be needing additional staffing soon, and then the bill will come due.

  • Dosso Mebeti

    My first marketing principle:respect and treat your employees well.I believe that our marketing strategy should not only be directed toward customers,it starts within the company by making those who are the heart,the soul and the blood of the company,feel happy. I ‘ve been doing it from the beginning and it works.
    Therefore I agree with your article.Thanks!