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Finishing is where it’s at these days—in my opinion, it’s the final frontier on the path to total process automation. What I’ve found in my research over the years is that there are so many outstanding product offerings out there, and just about every one of them is high-tech and high-quality. These days it’s the details and feature sets that will determine which product is right for you.

That’s where my idea for this blog began. I was at PRINT 09 and stopped at all of my favorite finishing machine manufacturer’s booths and I saw so many neat things that were exciting and innovative from a technological standpoint, however usually the smaller details were not the focus, rather, the entire system was the focus. I wanted to start a blog that brings the “cool stuff” to the forefront, and reinforces the excitement that is happening in finishing. I am very pleased to post my first entry to my new blog and I plan to bring a lot of interesting information to your attention in the coming months. The first “cool technology” I’d like to share is something that caught my attention at the PRINT 09 show.

Standard Horizon AFC-566 Folder Features Handheld Remote Control
Horizon has put as much effort as any supplier in the postpress arena into developing and refining the operator interface for maximum ease-of-use and so less-experienced operators can achieve high-quality results. The intelligent, icon-based color touchscreen controls found on all Horizon folders, binders, trimmers and saddlestitchers is one example. Horizon has now taken its ease-of-use philosophy a step further with a wireless remote control for the popular AFC-566 production folder.

Standard Horizon Remote ControlThis handy new device frees operators from the control panel, so they can tend more than one machine, or inch the folder through an adjustment while inspecting an area that isn’t close-by the operations panel. The remote control is equipped with basic stop/start function buttons, and a rotary trackwheel for deeper levels of control.

Trish Witkowski is Chief Folding Fanatic at, and president of Rock the Mailbox. An educator, author, speaker and award-winning designer, Trish has a specialized expertise in creative solutions for direct mail and marketing, and is the curator of the world's most exciting collection of folded print and direct mail samples. Trish is the creator of the FOLDRite folding template system, and has authored many resources, most recently Direct Mail Simplified, and Paper Folding Templates for Print Design. She also hosts a popular weekly e-video series "60-second Super-cool FOLD of the WEEK", and is an instructor at Trish holds a MS in Printing and a BFA in Graphic Design from RIT.
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  • http://ClintBolte Clint Bolte

    Does the remote come on only the newest equipment to be purchased or can it be retrofitted for any Horizon folders in the field?

  • http://MarkHunt Mark Hunt

    The AFC remote control has been a standard accessory from the start on all Standard Horizon folders that include automated gap settings. This includes the AFC-566FG and AFC-566FKT. The remote is not available for and does not work with other AFC folder models.