Survey Says, Things Are Getting Better!

The results of Semper’s Second Quarter 2010 Industry Insight Survey are in (download the “Semper Second Quarter Industry Insight Survey” PDF file). The last few years have taken a serious toll on many industries and companies, so it is nice to see things start to improve over wider segments of the economy.

Congratulations on making it this far. The good news is, there will be less competition for a while; the negative news is, economists keep saying things may be up and down.
Just as we wrote the survey summary, we received a staffing industry survey result that is included at the end of this survey. We included it to highlight that other industries are starting to hire and doing fewer layoffs. We wanted to compare this survey’s results regarding hiring with all industries’ results. We found the hiring trends to be remarkably similar. It is extremely positive that both surveys are seeing hopeful signs.

With all the doom and gloom we have been hearing for so long, I want to be clear that we feel positive about the future and the changes. Whilst we are closely aligned with the printing, marketing and design sectors, we also staff many other industries and are related to a job board. Printing may of had some down sales years but that pales in comparison to many industries—for example, the car makers, job boards or the staffing industry to point out a few. It is real and true…Things are getting better! They are also changing, but that is a good thing as well.

For example, we have changed the format of our survey to be, we hope, clearer, more informative, less pompous and more positive. We hope you agree.

Please feel free to drop us an email with you thoughts, concerns and questions.

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