Wild Thing…You Make My Quad Sing!

Bumming around last weekend, still recovering from Graph Expo, when I decided to turn on the TV. Started surfing and came across “Major League,” the hilarious tale of an opportunistic owner of the Cleveland Indians who resorted to using has-been and ne’er-do-well baseball players to drive down attendance and justify moving the team to Florida (obviously, it was pre-Marlins/Rays days).

Of course, the move backfires on the owner as the rag-tag groups starts winning and selling out games—though for the life of me I can’t wonder why she would be upset about the latter. And, judging by the oh-so-pitiful attendance figures posted by Florida’s current baseball residents, I’d say the owner’s baseball acumen was as pathetic as her attempts to break the team’s spirit.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen the movie, which was released in 1989 and is treasured by baseball fans. But I spotted something in the brief glimpse I caught the other day that I really don’t remember seeing before…a woman wearing a ripped sweatshirt with the Quad/Graphics logo adorning it (that look, perhaps inspired by Jennifer Beals in “Flashdance,” was pretty popular back in the day). At the six second mark of the embedded video, you can plainly see the woman on the right rocking her headband and QG apparel.

“A-hah, you found us in the movie,” Quad spokeswoman Claire Ho replied, humoring my not-so-timely question regarding the film that made Tom Berenger a legend. “Many Quad/Graphics employees went to the filming as extras and wore Quad/Graphics t-shirts like the one you saw.”

OK, so I’m a little late to the party. If you care to watch, the same woman also appears at the 32-second mark of the clip. Since the Reds have been dumped from baseball’s postseason, I’m sure I’ll watch the movie again soon in its entirety and count the QG sightings. Then, we can count the Heidelberg references in “Catch me if you Can.”

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