Your Best Prospects Will NOT See You Now

customersThe Harvard Business Review recently published an article by Matt Dixon and Lara Ponomareff on why customers don’t want to talk to you. They researched the matter and found that most executives do not want to talk to their suppliers, at least not until they are fully convinced that doing so will yield big results. This represents a major shift in how companies are finding solutions and reviewing them.

The new economy has created the condition of pre-thought and pre-analysis for each and every brand. Meaning, before a brand is talked about in a one-to-one personal conversation. there is a great deal of information and convincing that needs to occur beforehand. The port of entry is your company’s Website and it needs to be designed with key dimensions often disregarded by companies of all sizes. Here a few of the prerequisites:

• A Website that is designed with users in mind that allows customers to find the information they are searching for quickly, easily and, hereʼs a big point, enjoyably.

• Downloadable information that tells the customer exactly what he or she has been searching for.

• The ability to share this information with other colleagues, friends, managers and bosses. And here’s another big point—each of your Web pages should be optimized to allow easy sharing.

By providing this information and much more, you will encourage your prospects to consider the next step. Maybe a Webinar, watching a demo video of your product (spare them the long, boring CEO video talking about how great the company is), or perhaps requesting an informational teleconference. After all of this, perhaps prospects will want to see you, but it will only be because you convinced them with the many other things you provided before the call. And hopefully after they do see you, they’ll want to become a customer.

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