Digital Finishing Casting Call

Happy New Year, one and all. A slow start out of the gate has me behind the eight ball and taking on water. It’s also reduced me to using folksy, cornball sayings in lieu of intelligent banter.

No, I’m not here to be the Dizzy Dean of the keyboard. This reporter is in need of your assistance. Pronto!

What I’m looking for is a company or two that has in-line, near-line or off-line finishing gear for its digital printing workflow, and is willing to discuss its experiences, good and bad. Likely a 10-15 minute conversation at most, and I would like to finish up interviews in the coming days.

Excite and amaze your friends by becoming a part of this upcoming article. Shoot me an e-mail ( if interested and let me know what day/time you would be able to talk. Again, I’m looking for a relatively quick turnaround. As always, your help is greatly appreciated.

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