Print Wildfire Just Needs Kindle-ing

A couple of weeks ago, our e-mail newsletter reported on a Democratic think tank that wants to launch a “Kindle in every backpack” e-textbook campaign, a play off the “chicken in every pot” rally cry. I expected curt, irate letters wanting to know why we seem to be touting the minor setbacks suffered by the printed word.

Why? A short while ago, a few people wondered whether it was necessary to point out that colleges and universities are no longer printing media guides. As you may recall, the schools are making information about their student/athletes and the teams available online, thus saving tens of thousands of dollars in an economic climate that favors even stricter monitoring of outlays.

I don’t wish to get into the whole “print was already losing market share to electronic media before the recession” nonsense that has been echoed constantly by the pontificating industry sages. Your response by this point is an exasperated, “no sh*t, Sherlock.”

But the truth of the matter is, a Kindle (or whatever e-device) in every backpack is actually a good idea. It’s not going to happen anytime soon, not at $299 a pop (Kindle price tag). But a scholastic electronic reader will have its day, when the technology’s refined and the e-vailability of educational and literary titles becomes more universal. When you consider the long-term savings that cash-strapped school systems would reap with paperless educational materials, the move to electronic devices is a fait accompli.

Sure, there are some obstacles to overcome, especially the issue of the dog eating your Kindle, i.e., the disaster that would accompany losing the damn thing. They aren’t deal-breaking issues. Mark these words…educational texts will be on the verge of extinction in 10, maybe 15, years at most. Frankly, it might not even take that long.

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  • http://KenHanson Ken Hanson

    Ahhh….I can only imagine, curling up by the fire with a good Kindle.