Print and Media Convergence – A Commonality

There are five common attributes that the realms of print and media convergence share. I consider these attributes to be the basis of coexistence in the worlds of print and media convergence. Most printers should find the five attributes familiar, if not downright recognizable, and will agree that print and the world of media convergence have a common future.

  1. Communication
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Content
  4. Customer
  5. Commerce

CommunicationPrint is largely a communications-based business. What printer’s produce—or manufacturer—communicates multiple messages across multiple media to a near endless list of targeted markets and verticals. The key to media convergence is the ability to communicate multiple messages across multiple media and targeting multiple contacts.

Cloud Computing—The cloud now defines the medium of information exchange via a computer network. The print industry needs the cloud to “communicate” with its customer base and the media convergence sector uses the cloud as it’s main avenue of exchange and to communicate with its customer base as well.

Content—A recent study indicates that personalization of direct mail is on the rise, with an increase from 28 percent in 2009 to 34 percent tin 2010, a 21-percent increase in one year! Clearly, linking personalized, print-based marketing and personalized print-based content is on the very near horizon. Look to media convergence and you will see that content, specific to the customer’s needs, is critical to the future of this new media.

—Both print and media commerce have as their panel of judges—the customer. I would say that at this stage, print has moved from a score of 1 out of 5 to a score of 3.5 out of 5. Print simply works, and works well with other media. Media convergence is another medium—all other media a part of media convergence, and media convergence encompasses all other media.

Commerce—I am a strong proponent of “prnt commerce,” the SMS-friendly name I offer as an option to the simple term print. Print makes people, corporations, agencies, marketers and printers money; why deny that proven fact. It can be looked upon as a proven moneymaker when compared to most new media. Media convergence offers the same outcome. Commerce will occur over multiple media with a simple formula—create once, distribute everywhere, develop a strong data model and track, track and track the results.

Thad Kubis is an unconventional storyteller, offering a confused marketplace a series of proven, valid, integrated marketing/communication solutions. He designs B2B or B2C experiential stories founded on Omni-Channel applications, featuring demographic/target audience relevance, integration, interaction, and performance analytics and program metrics.

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