Nine Ways to Become the Worst Salesperson Possible

Well, I am quite unorthodox in my approach as to how I turn around printing salespersons and print companies so that they can grow. I thought you might as well know that now before we talk.

Wait! Who said we were going to talk about growth? Bingo, you are correct sir—as today we will focus on nine surefire ways to fail as a salesperson. Here goes…

  1. Be sure to tell everyone possible that today’s buyers only care about price.
  2. Comment frequently on how hard it is to get past the gatekeeper or to get calls returned.
  3. Consistently point out that people don’t value relationships like they used to and are not as loyal.
  4. Focus on making up as many excuses as possible of why you do not have time to prospect.
  5. Be sure to reiterate that your company’s price is always higher than the competition.
  6. Go into each month, week and day without a plan and be sure to tell people how busy you are.
  7. Spend time doing things that you do not need to be doing and little time on sales activities.
  8. Complain a lot. Really give it to people. What your company doesn’t have…can’t produce, etc.
  9. Convince anyone who will listen that buyers simply do not want to meet with you.

OK, so there you have it. I really want you to memorize this list. Put it on your phone, your car dashboard, your bathroom mirror and your refrigerator. Man, if you will just follow these nine things I can assure you that you will be quite ineffective in sales.

Is this you? Is this your company? If so, we may need to talk. But, only if your goal is NOT to be the worst salesperson possible. The choice is yours. Those who want it bad enough find a way whereas the salespeople who do not will find an excuse. Which are you? I am here for those who want to do things in a new way, fresh way and new and creative approach. Let’s talk…

Ryan T. Sauers is the president of Sauers Consulting Strategies. The firm consults with the front end of printing and related organizations across the U.S. Key focus areas include: sales growth, brand positioning, organizational communications, organizational strategy, and integrated marketing. Sauers is a national speaker and writes feature articles in global publications. He is also an adjunct university professor teaching leadership, communication, and entrepreneurship to business leaders. Sauers has been recognized as a thought leader in human behavior. He is a Certified Myers Briggs and DiSC Practitioner, as well as a Certified Marketing Executive. He is working on his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and will achieve certification in Emotional Intelligence later this year. Sauers is author of the best-selling books: "Everyone is in Sales" and "Would You Buy from You?" Visit:

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  • Drone

    Ouch, do you have a drone watching me? Good points, not guilty of all but ……a couple.

  • SlowJoe

    Painful, but pretty accurate. Will try to do better.

  • Melissa Sienicki

    This is brilliant, Ryan. And it doesn’t just apply to sales – it applies to marketing, customer service, pre-sales, etc. Very helpful!

  • CustomArtFW

    As soon as I finish my Candy Crush game i will leave a comment.. lol Good points you make!