New Perfect Binder Uses Fan-gluing to Achieve Strength of PUR

Sterling Doublebinder offered by Spiel Associates.

The new Sterling Doublebinder, offered by Spiel Associates, is an economical perfect binding machine that can bind up to 300 books/hour with the characteristics of PUR and the affordability of traditional perfect binding.

In traditional perfect binding, EVA glue is applied to the spine of the book. Milling, roughing or notching determines the penetration of the glue and in turn, the strength of the bind. The Sterling Doublebinder employs a fan-gluing system that produces a book with a super-strong bind that lays perfectly flat by gluing not only the spine, but between each sheet. The glue dries instantly and there’s no messy clean-up to deal with.

Here’s how it works: The glue roller runs perpendicular to the direction of the book. The sheets are separated by a pulsating blow of ionized air while a very thin variant of EVA glue is sprayed between each sheet. The sheets are pre-heated to maximize the absorption of the glue. This produces a book with an ultra-thin spine. The result is a bind that is so strong, the pages will tear before they can be pulled out of the spine. In addition, there is no need to mill, rough or notch the paper prior to binding. The process works for both coated and uncoated stocks, and is ideal for case binding and photo books.

If you don’t believe it, watch the video.

So, how much does it cost? The Doublebinder is readily available and priced at an economical $29,950. When asked if there were any a la carte features, David Spiel of Spiel Associates said the company is working on a cold glue option to be released at a later date.

If you’d like to see it in action, the Sterling Doublebinder will be on display at the On Demand Expo (April 20-22 in Philadelphia). For those who can’t attend, Spiel Associates is also hosting an open house at its New York City facility in mid-March.

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