Morgana’s ‘Flying Knife’ Folding Technology Does Away with Buckle Plates, Conventional Knives

Morgana DigiFold 5000P folder/creaser.

When you hear the term “flying knife” generally the first instinct is to duck. However, in this instance, flying knives are a very good thing.

Morgana’s DigiFold 5000P folder/creaser uses its patented “flying knife’ folding system. This exciting technique dispenses entirely with buckle plates and conventional knives, using instead an electronically controlled, contoured flying knife around extra large diameter rollers. This knife moves at the same speed as the material passing through the machine to create a fast, accurate fold.

Complementing this innovative technique is another patented device called a dynamic sheet deflector. Rather than the solid deflector used in most folders, the dynamic sheet deflector only comes in contact with the leading edge of the sheet. This allows single or multiple folds to be performed without risk of scratching or marking at over 5,000 letter-size sheets per hour, which makes it extremely useful for (but not limited to) digital print.

As a matter of fact, the 5000P was developed as a mobile finishing center—one that is equally effective with digital output or heavy cross-grained stocks printed by conventional means and laminated stocks. “It’s all about speed,” states Colin Harding, Production Director for Face Creative, London. “We have to finish output from two five-color Xeikon and two six-color HP Indigo presses, consisting of short runs and a variety of different types of work, which means that we need to be both fast and flexible.”

The 5000P also incorporates Morgana’s patented automated creasing technology, DynaCrease. Perforation is now standard, with up to five perforation wheels, and a newly-designed feeder is powered by a more powerful pump that allows greater airflow efficiency and a higher pile to be loaded. The machine can accommodate up to a 28×15˝ sheet size, and up to 120-lb cover stock. It’s JDF ready, with fully automated job set up and intuitive programming capabilities.

Trish Witkowski is Chief Folding Fanatic at the online community She holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design and a master of science degree in Graphic Arts Publishing from Rochester Institute of Technology's School of Printing Management and Sciences (now the School of Print Media).

An award-winning designer, Trish held the position of creative director for a Baltimore-based agency for six years, and has taught design and desktop publishing at the college level. She has a specialized expertise in the area of folding and is the creator of the FOLDRite™ system, a 2004 GATF InterTech™ Technology Award winner.
Trish frequently publishes articles for graphic arts industry publications, and has written three books on the topic of folding: A Field Guide to Folding, Folding for the Graphic Arts: A Teacher's Handbook, and FOLD: The Professional's Guide to Folding.