Making Your Print Business the Best Choice

What good would a menu be on the door of a restaurant if it told the hours of operation, but didn’t list any of the food it offers? I think the answer is obvious; it would not be an effective menu at all. That’s why I find it so surprising that print and marketing service providers continually provide irrelevant first impression details such as who and when they were founded—forgetting to showcase all of their delicious offerings. When you discuss your affiliated print business to prospects, do you mention the real, practical ways your solutions can solve their problems? The point is, if you want to grow your customer base and increase long-term projects, you need to market in a clear, consistent way that tells your target audience why they need your solutions. Start with these five simple steps:

Step One: Identify Your Audience
The more you know what your target audience looks like, the more you will be able to speak to them in a way that solves their needs. How do you go about this? Hang out on social media, follow digital conversations in online communities and blog forums, ask current customers questions, and send out surveys with great incentives. If you’re looking to identify your target audience, the key is to listen to what others in your industry are doing and saying.

Once you’ve done everything you can to know and understand your potential customers, work hard to build your marketing message around them.

Step Two: Know Your Strength
If you’re going to tell your prospects why they should use your business over the competitors, they need to know what makes you the best choice. What is your differentiator? People want to know how your services and or offerings will:

  • Educate them
  • Make their job easier
  • Further their objectives
  • Represent their business

Identify what you offer in terms of these bullet points and before you know it, you will have a solid message as to how you stand out from the competition.

John Foley Jr. is the CEO of interlinkONE and Grow Socially. John and his team help printers get on a strong path to marketing success. Their approach includes software solutions, consulting, Website development, marketing audits, and strategic marketing plans. interlinkONE’s software solutions for the print industry include their marketing automation platform, MAX, and ilinkONE V8. Learn more about MAX: Marketing Automation. Executed. by visiting, John at, and his companies at and

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  • Jennifer

    I was so happy to read your article! Thanks!

    This is something that always comes up in calls we have with potential clients and it only means there’s lots of potential. The company I work for builds web-to-print solutions and the custom storefronts we build as part of the solution are ALL about showcasing products & services each printer offers.

    I argue that making the changes you mentioned above on a printer’s website has a chance of making a huge difference today since so many printers DON’T optimize their site content based on their visitors.

    Glad to hear we aren’t the only ones pushing these ideas :)