The Best Design Doesn’t Live in a Cloister (Includes Video)

The best design doesn’t live in a cloister (although at we think those are very nice places to be on hectic days); it reflects the culture of its time. And that’s what I love about this invitation for an annual gala known for being a fashion-forward event. Drawing inspiration from the fashion forecast, the designers incorporated trending colors and styles.

And wow, what a palette! Shocking hot pink and gold—good choices for an evening dubbed “Luminocity,” and also right in line with the bright and glittery colors bucking those subdued, less optimistic hues of last season.

Laser cuts on clothes, shoes and purses were big in fashion this year, too. That makes its print appearance, in the first of two invitations, via a laser-cut doily pattern on a gold box (16-pt. Splendorlux). The second instance comes by way of gold foil stamping atop Plasma Pink Astrobrights Cover.

Any pulled-together outfit would not be complete without accessories. Gold envelopes, gold type and glossy UV coating round out this polished example of a glowing design.

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