Kirk-Rudy Masters 3-Sided Tabbing Without Turning the Product

Kirk-Rudy KR 545T tabbing system.

Attendees at Ipex 2010—especially those who produce a lot of direct mail—were very pleased to see the new Kirk-Rudy KR 545T tabbing system on the show floor. Which leads to the question, “What’s so exciting about a tabbing machine?”

Here’s what’s causing all of the excitement: The KR 545T can apply multiple tabs on the lead, side and, most impressively, the trail edge in one pass without turning the product. There are tabbing machines out there that can be configured to tab multiple sides, but they have to turn the product, which involves a more elaborate multiple-machine setup.

Kirk-Rudy’s system uses an innovative triple web design, which enables the single pass configuration, while allowing for inline operation with standard addressing and binding systems. Servo-driven controls provide accuracy and control. Want to take it up a notch? You can wow your friends and competitors by using it with the KR565 roll splice unit for uninterrupted, continuous tabbing and labeling. Cool.

The KR545T handles large 18” diameter rolls and runs all major types of tabs as well as pressure-sensitive stamps and labels of various shapes and sizes—and multiple tabs or labels can be applied in a single pass.

It’s definitely a sophisticated piece of equipment, however, the KR 545T is also easy to use. The machine offers touchscreen controls for quick and stress-free job setup, and smart design of the machine allows for easy access and maintenance.

If you’d like to see it run, check out the video:

“The KR 545T is in stock and ready to order,” states Bob Mills, General Manager for Kirk-Rudy. “Customers that are using the 545T have expressed that the machine has not only made the tabbing process easier and more efficient, but that it has also reduced setup times dramatically.”

To learn more about the KR 545T, and to locate a dealer near you who can provide a live demonstration visit

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  • Livio

    Does any one with a KR 545D have a problem with #2 web and encoder issue?