Keep it Simple—and KISS!

You have heard the acronym KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid), right? This is pretty self-explanatory and has been for many years.

What has changed? Today’s world is one in which we are all bombarded with information from multiple mediums. And, all at the same time. It is a world that moves rapidly and where we all say things like we are drowning, slammed, buried—okay, you get the idea. This means our attention span is shorter than ever (much like that of a goldfish).

So what do we do? We must keep all of our communications simple. Very simple.

In everything we write, say, tweet, post and share, we must ask ourselves if it is simple. So with the idea of keeping it simple in mind, this post will try to do the same. Here are five things you should do to ensure you are using simple yet effective communications.

  1. Is your message clear? Does it connect with the audience it is intended for? If not rethink it. You may want to listen to this podcast for more information on the Five Cs of effective communications.
  2. Less is more. In today’s world, the less we say (no-attention-span world) means each word we say or write must be more valuable. Are yours?
  3. Are you asking the right questions? Remember ask open ended not close ended questions.
  4. Are you communicating through the correct medium? Should you be using LinkedIn, a hard mailed letter, e-mail, phone, text, etc.? Which is best? Think about this for the best results.
  5. Follow the 24 hour rule: Before you respond to a confrontational topic in person, e-mail or online, give yourself 24 hours to think through what you want to say or write. I seldom see anyone who does not benefit from this plan. More than likely, in 24 hours you will come back with a well thought out response that makes sense and is easy to understand.

Have a great week… and why you are at it, KISS!

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  • Drew Morrison

    great advice…