Join the Great Sales Scavenger Hunt

I’ve been writing columns for Printing Impressions magazine since November of 1984. I have staged contests in the column for everything from selling new accounts to weight loss.

I have hypnotized my readers, putting 150,000 readers to sleep back in…I think it was 1999. I single-handedly staved off all the disasters that were promised with the turn of the new millennium. I have educated dozens of print salespeople and awarded them PhDs in Graphic Arts Sales and Marketing. I have hosted huge virtual parties at the Waldorf in the pages of PI and the columns were so real that seven party-goers who read them got DUIs driving home.

But now, I have done the ultimate in column writing by announcing the National Scavenger Hunt for Graphic Arts Company Growth. That’s an easy acronym to remember—NSHGACG.

My NSHGACG column will appear in the March edition of Printing Impressions, which should arrive in your mailbox mid month. So you have a chance to get a jump on all the non-blog readers by e-mailing me at and requesting the March column manuscript. Then you will have the rules and can get a jump-start on all your unworthy competitors.

In that column, you will read some questions you can pose to your prospects. Here are just few of them:

1. Are your print products printed sheetfed, web or on digital presses?

2. Do you print any products on-demand, or do you require fulfillment services?

3. Describe any other services provided by your printing company suppliers.

4. How many printing company suppliers do you use?

5. What are your most important criteria for selecting a print vendor?

6. Describe your bidding process for me.

7. How do you budget for printing annually? By product? By department or division?

The column provides you with many more questions and some sure-fire ways to generate simpatico with your prospects and existing customers (if you have any). So don’t wait around, send me that e-mail and I’ll send the manuscript immediately so you can get out there and sell something!

Harris DeWese is the author of "Now Get Out There and Sell Something." He is chairman/CEO at Compass Capital Partners and an author of the annual "Compass Report," the definitive source of info regarding printing industry M&A activity. DeWese has completed 100-plus printing company transactions and is viewed as the preeminent deal maker in the industry. He specializes in investment banking, M&A, sales, marketing and management services to printers.

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  • http://CharlesEdwards Charles Edwards

    Love your column. In case you missed a vital question, here it is.
    Are you color blind? And have you ever been tested?