It’s the Little Things that Win Out

We’ve all probably heard this saying at one time or another: “It’s the little things that matter.” This maxim rings true in the printing industry. If a company provides excellent quality, great pricing and timely delivery—the big things—then that goes a long way to securing long-term partnerships with clients. That being said, the little things can really make a difference, as well.

One example is inquiries via email being answered promptly. Even a quick reply—saying, “Looking into this. Will get back to you soon.”—is helpful. If an email is left unanswered for too long, even if the issue is being looked into, the lack of a response leads to frustration and follow-up emails or phone calls, as the customer is left wondering if the issue or question is being worked on at all.

Also, the final steps in the process of a job—such as tracking reports, invoices, inventory reports, and any other loose ends (such as re-ships for damages items)—being taken care of promptly makes a big difference. Often times, these steps are almost as important to the overall customer satisfaction and successfully execution of a project as the production work itself.

Sometimes, with all else being equal, these things tip the scales in a particular printer’s favor. Even if pricing is slightly higher, if I know I’ll have a more seamless experience—with less prompting for needed information—it’s an easy decision to go with the printer that remembers the little things.

Communication is really what it boils down to, and we can all agree that is one of the most important components of any successful partnership.

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