Investing in Technology Builds Up a Brand

What do Inkjet International and HP (Scitex) have in common? They are investing in new technologies, betting that the economy is getting better and is going to keep getting better during 2011 and beyond. After a three-year-long reduction in its use of solvent ink devices, Inkjet International has boosted efficiency and productivity using HP Scitex Latex and UV large-format printers.

Investing not retreating

As everyone knows, the recent past has been an extremely challenging period for companies in many industries—including the graphic arts—yet despite these challenges, Inkjet International decided to invest where many are in a retreat and bunker-down mode. With three HP Scitex UV roll-to-roll inkjet printers, an HP Scitex flatbed UV inkjet printer and an HP Scitex latex ink printer, Inkjet International is one of the few standout firms choosing to be aggressive in its product adoptions and embracing non-solvent printing platforms.

This is a timed strategy that tells the market, “We’re here, we’ve been a leader, and we are going to keep a leadership position in our market.” This strategy is bold. The company brings enormous productivity to its customers in the signage and graphics space; and as the economy picks up, work in the “green dimension” will naturally flow to its capability to deliver this more efficient ink platform.

The challenge for today’s brand owners is to persuade themselves—not their customers—to shake off the dust of the past few years and get their companies going again. It’s really getting to the point that some companies’ products are becoming outdated and even old-fashioned. This, coupled with an inadequate marketing budget, will inevitably turn some legacy brands into weak players in what will become a strong marketplace again. It’s all just a matter of time.

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