Intro to Selling Profitably

This blog is derived from a book I wrote several years ago. “A Year of Selling Profitably” was written for printers to use as a guide in training their sales teams through a series of two-hour sessions over 48 weeks. The book’s first two chapters covered eight training sessions on the subject of prospecting for new business.

Overlook the fact that you are not part of a group and complete the exercises as an individual. Or, there may be other salespeople in your company who will train along with you.

If you have any questions or difficulties, call me at (484) 879-1870 or e-mail me at Now get out there and sell something!

Prospecting for New Business:

Blog 1: Five Reasons People Don’t Prospect
Blog 2: Overcoming Call Reluctance
Blog 3: Developing Prospecting Objectives
Blog 4: Brainstorming to Achieve Objectives

There are only two ways to increase sales: Sell to new accounts or sell more to existing customers. We are going to work on the former.

Many graphic arts salespeople do not prospect because they are not motivated or they are not equipped with the skills required to develop new business. This blog will examine the psychological and emotional reasons salespeople do not prospect, and then offer practical solutions for overcoming these obstacles.

In this session, we will review the five most common reasons salespeople do not prospect, or do so infrequently and ineffectively; and in the second, we’ll address how to overcome “call reluctance,” or the inability to pick up the telephone and talk to a prospect.

These blogs are designed to be periods of self examination into the number-one problem for many graphic arts salespeople—the inability to develop new business at rates greater than customer attrition. The last two blogs in this training segment will focus on helping salespeople develop prospecting goals.

WEEK 1: Five Reasons People Don’t Prospect

Harris DeWese is the author of "Now Get Out There and Sell Something." He is chairman/CEO at Compass Capital Partners and an author of the annual "Compass Report," the definitive source of info regarding printing industry M&A activity. DeWese has completed 100-plus printing company transactions and is viewed as the preeminent deal maker in the industry. He specializes in investment banking, M&A, sales, marketing and management services to printers.

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