How Your Receptionist Can Be the Key to More Print Sales – or Less Print Sales

There is a printing company I know that has a really important position. Here’s the job title:

Director of First Impressions
Most companies will simply call this person the receptionist. But this job title really drives home the importance of the role. It tells the receptionist exactly what they should be doing.

So why is this important?

First impressions really count
I am told that the average person makes a very quick decision on whether they are interested in buying a house or not. Apparently that decision is usually made within the first 60 seconds of walking through the front door.

Deciding on whether you want to use a particular printing company is (hopefully) a far less life changing issue. That decision can be made a lot more quickly. So even the tone of a receptionist’s “Good morning” can be enough to put a buyer off.

Here’s a time when first impressions went really wrong
One of my clients wanted to speak to me. The receptionist gave me a really tough grilling. This was despite the fact that I pointed out that I had a book called with my client.

Then I was cut off during the call transfer.

Imagine if I was a new prospect

No matter how good your sales approach had been, the prospect would almost certainly be off to a new company with better customer service straightaway.

Is your welcome to new prospects (and existing customers) as good as it might be at your company?

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