Going Beyond Ink on Paper

Good day, gentle readers. Once again, I need your help. Yes, it seems like I only blog when I want something from you…I’m that brother you only hear from around the holidays, when he wants to “borrow” $100 bucks from you to pay for some certification for a job that never materializes. C’mon, I’m good for it. The kids want to go to Disney this year, and book sales are lagging. Help a brother out, won’t ya?

Anyway, I am looking for contributions from you for my latest masterpiece—diversification opportunities beyond ink on paper. Have you added any non-print related products/services in the past five years? Categories include mailing/fulfillment, marketing services, database/list management, call centers, online storefronts, promotional products, etc. And maybe you have an ancillary service that’s outside the realm of printer value-added products/services. I don’t know…but I’d like to know. So please share with the class.

E-mail me at ecagle@napco.com if you would like to participate. And remember, I’m good for that Benjamin Franklin.

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