Free Sales Strategies to Consider

Salespersons should go into each sales call with a strategy. In some cases this plan may work exactly as it was drawn up. However, in many instances this is not the case. Think of it like a game of basketball. In some games your team may go into the game trying to play a man-to-man defense and then realize this is not working and go to a zone defense. However, your team was prepared to play either defense. If you are always prepared for contingencies and curveballs on sales calls, you will be ahead of your competition.

There are many “sales things” we do that REALLY are not sales things at all. Are you the best person to be doing that press check? Do you really need to go have lunch with that same client again? The only way to focus on bottom line and proactive activities that need to be done now is to rid yourself of time wasters and ask if “this is the best use of my time?”

Get to a Buyer’s Why?

Many in sales have learned to ask questions on sales calls. Let’s go deeper. I challenge you not to think as if you are “selling anything” and instead that you are “interviewing” the buyer to get to their root level pain source, so you can help them feel better. For example, if they could change one thing with their current printing vendor what would it be and why? Why would they consider making a change? If they had a magic wand and could draw up the perfect supplier, what would that company look like and why? Thus, always dig deep and actively listen to what they’re saying so you can ask the next question.

Solution Behind Every Problem

There is a solution behind every sales problem. Someone will solve the needs that a buyer has. The question is, will that person be you? There will always be problems. Thus, the opportunity is how you are going to develop a creative solution to a problem and “out-think” your competition. Do not get stuck on what is wrong in a situation and, instead, flip the issue on its head. Remember, most people focus on the problem and not the solution. And you are going to attack the problem in a new way. Finally, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse.

Ryan T. Sauers is the president of Sauers Consulting Strategies. The firm consults with the front end of printing and related organizations across the U.S. Key focus areas include: sales growth, brand positioning, organizational communications, organizational strategy, and integrated marketing. Sauers is a national speaker and writes feature articles in global publications. He is also an adjunct university professor teaching leadership, communication, and entrepreneurship to business leaders. Sauers has been recognized as a thought leader in human behavior. He is a Certified Myers Briggs and DiSC Practitioner, as well as a Certified Marketing Executive. He is working on his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and will achieve certification in Emotional Intelligence later this year. Sauers is author of the best-selling books: "Everyone is in Sales" and "Would You Buy from You?" Visit:

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