Forget About Sales in 2013. Think Profits!

Let’s start off with the simple premise: All of us in business need new business, and you want to develop a plan that will provide fertile ground to harvest sales season after season. Do you agree?

I am also going to state that you do not wish to reinvent yourself; you are what you are and that, as they say, ain’t a bad thing.

Do you agree with the following statement?

If you owned a candy store and 30 percent of your customers said they no longer want sugar-based candy, would you become a health food store? No, you would change your inventory, add new products based on your customers requests and benefit from that change. Sure, you may lose some business—but not all your business—by expanding your offerings and you may even gain some new business.

A simple survey!

In 2013, where would you like your new business efforts to originate? Make a selection from each of the following 3 sources and I’ll help you get started.

1) Marketers—(as I called them) are the originators and enablers of your new business, and encompasses enterprises, corporations, marketing departments, marketing managers, communication managers, purchasing agents, product managers, sales managers, distribution managers, and print buyers.

2) The Creative Market—which includes designers, graphic designers, creative directors, art directors, advertising agency personal and those directly involved in the development of advertising, sales promotion, integrated marketing and related channels.

3) Verticals
—an almost endless list, including manufacturing, travel, travel and leisure, financial services, banking, medical, pharmaceutical, B2B, and B2C. ________(add your vertical of choice).

Email and include the targets that most interests you in the subject line. Once I have the results tallied, I will present a series of articles on the how to attract sales based on the responses.

Here is an example:

Subject: Marketers – Product Managers
Creative – Art Directors
Verticals – Travel

Thaddeus B. Kubis is an integrated marketing communications, media convergence, and experiential marketing evangelist.

A passionate believer in the integration of all online and offline media, inter-digital integration, unified communications, the measurement and ROMI of any marketing program based on results, Thad acts as profit advocate for his myriad of clients.
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