Five Things to Know About Your Lousy Sales Month

How is your February going, Sport? Disappointed with the numbers, are you? Blame it on the short selling month if you like (19 selling days vs. 21 for mighty January)…or blame it on the economy…or blame it on Rio…but the blame lies elsewhere.

1. It has NOTHING to do with your sales activity this month.

2. It has NOTHING to do with your sales activity last month.

3. It has little to do with your sales activity two months ago.

4. It’s roots go back to your sales activity three months ago, but…

5. It has more to do with your sales activity four to six months ago.

The selling cycle in this industry is three to six months. Double it for digital and variable data programs. Quadruple it for publishing.

Pull out your calendar and look ahead three months. That’s what you are affecting right now.

Sales activity begets appointments. Then comes quotes and volume. The fastest way to improve your sales volume is to increase improve, and monitor your sales activity. Do it consistently. Do it often. Do it now!

Class dismissed.

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