Ever Get Blamed for a Competitor’s Mistake?

Eric Pearson of Technaprint in Portland received a poor survey alert last week, complete with a flaming comment about the recently botched label order. Eric explained to me how shocked he was to receive it, and how he called the customer immediately.

After listening to the person vent, Eric patiently explained that he had never done a label order for the buyer. It then dawned on the customer that he was pointing the blame in the wrong direction.

The person went on to praise Technaprint for its quality, apologize for the mistake, and then asked for a label quote! Technaprint could have lost a customer due to a competitor’s mistake, but instead listened, learned and won a customer for life. Now that is connecting with your customers!

The big lesson here is to keep multiple lines of communications open, continually take the pulse of your customers, and keep them for life. And don’t assume your customers know how good you really are.

Stay connected!

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