Event vs. Relationship Marketing (Part IV of IV)

From last week…

“Fire is a relationship sale then,” Zoot said, perplexed at how Marka could be so disheveled in her appearance yet so organized in her business thinking.

Now, continuing with part four of our four-part series. Remember, fire = print.

He was glad to have Marka on the FEI team, not FlintStone or Pyro’s. As FEI’s arch competitors, Flintstone and Pyro could crush FEI handily with the aid of a growth-oriented mind like Marka’s.

“So how do our marketing activities change based on our knowledge that Fire is a relationship sale?” Zoot asked.

“Excellent question, my well-dressed, outgoing friend,” Marka said. “The first transaction between a potential buyer of Fire and one of our sales runners should be only the beginning of a relationship. Far more potential exists in the future than in the present, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Can’t argue that point,” Zoot said. Marka smiled, happy the salesperson was following her line of reasoning.

“Furthermore, if Pyro or any FEI competitor makes a mistake on a customer’s job, it works to our advantage,” Marka stated. “Losing the battle is never fun, but winning the war is the real goal. We must focus on repeat business from our relationship-based customers.”

“In other words, fire customers are attracted by sales and promotional activities that emphasize a company’s long-term reliability and value…i.e. its ability to maintain excellent customer relationships,” Zoot ventured.

“Yes! Fire service providers can attract business opportunities with these well-executed sales and marketing programs that appeal to the relationship-motivated buyer,” Marka continued. “To do this, we should develop strategies to attain three simple goals. After all, if we don’t know where we’re going, how will we know when we get there?”

“What are the three goals?” Zoot asked.

“Glad you asked, Zoot ‘ol pal,” Marka said with a wink.

T.J. Tedesco is a sales growth, business strategy, marketing and PR consultant operating at the intersection of clear vision, compelling content and effective outreach practices. For nearly two decades, T.J. has been an independent consultant and sales growth team leader. Previously, he sold commercial printing, graphic arts machinery and supplies, and finishing and bindery services. T.J. helps North American companies with content development, Web and print design leadership, nurture marketing programs, sales coaching, sales team alignment and business strategy. Since 1996, T.J. has worked with more than 100 clients on retainer, 80 percent in the graphic arts industry. T.J. is author of "Win Top-of-Mind Positioning," "Playbook for Selling Success in the Graphic Arts Industry," "Fire! How Marketing Got Hot," "Direct Mail Pal" and four more books published by PIA. He can be reached at (301) 404-2244 or tj@tjtedesco.com.
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