Emerging Technology Today, Legacy Media Tomorrow

Coulditbethatallmedialegacyoremergingmediathatisnotyetonthetablestilloverthe horizonwillbecomeasmanypredictonesinglemediasourcethatwehaveyetto understandamediasourcethatwillallowfullytranscendentalconvergenceofmedia methodmessagerelevancedesireandresult?

Hard to understand the above statement, agreed. This mishmash of words (presented as a readable paragraph below) defines for me the current stage of communication media and their use. Every type of media—digital, legacy or otherwise—is YELLING, screaming, attacking, destroying, eating its young to reach the pinnacle and earn the title of THE CHOSEN ONE, THE CHOSEN MEDIUM.

Guess what? It ain’t going to happen.

Could it be that all media, legacy or emerging, or even media that are not yet on the table or still on the horizon, will—as many predict—become one single media source that we have yet to recognize; a media source that will be fully transcendental, convergence of method, message, relevance, desire, delivery and result?

All media and all types of media over the years have changed, morphed, converted, been altered, been destroyed, died and been reborn, been tossed aside, been condemned or been shunned. But in the end game, most media survived. Yes, they changed, but survived. Yes, they emerged with less influence, or with declining impact. But most, though not all, survived.

What ends up happening is that a new balance is found, not unlike water seeking the needed and correct level. The world does not stop spinning; the sun does not stop rising. No, it is not all that bad. People change too, and the changes people go through is what defines, decides and determines what type of media is currently “THE MEDIA” and what type of media will be “THE MEDIA” of the future.

So to all those who keep saying everything is dead if it is not digital, stop. We live in a post-digital age. Today, EVERYTHING is digital; digital has now become commonplace, a term that is, well, legacy. Digital in its current state is the 1,000 lb. gorilla in the marketing room. Digital is the same old, same old, a dated and overused term, but I still love my digital media, and, in fact, I love all my media. I still am one with my pixel-based friend, and with my help, assistance and guidance, my pixel-based friend can adapt to nearly any media, legacy or not.

Thad Kubis is an unconventional storyteller, offering a confused marketplace a series of proven, valid, integrated marketing/communication solutions. He designs B2B or B2C experiential stories founded on Omni-Channel applications, featuring demographic/target audience relevance, integration, interaction, and performance analytics and program metrics.

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