Drive More Targeted Traffic to Your Website with SEO Best Practices

Last week Fire Enterprises (FEI) FEI Marketing Tribe Leader Marka introduced the concept of demand generation to the tribe and explained how these activities can help FEI capture, qualify, and convert new leads. This week, Marka continues demand generation discussions by showing the tribe how implementing SEO best practices can help FEI drive more targeted traffic to their Website, a crucial first step of demand generation efforts. Remember, fire = print.

After a short break, Marka, Zoot, Numo, and Org reconvened in the conference room to continue discussing demand generation.

“Demand generation will help FEI capture highly-targeted leads from our O-site and convert them into new customers,” Marka began. “Of course, we have to actually drive these prospects to our O-site first. That’s where search-engine optimization, the first step of demand generation, comes in. It’s well established that people today use O-line search engines as starting points for many purchases—including fire. Optimizing our O-site for search engines will help ensure we’re found in the right searches by the right people.”

“Where do we start?” Org asked.

“First, let’s identify a list of keywords and key phrases for which we want to be found and for which we think our prospects are likely searching,” Marka said. “Once we’ve compiled this list, we weave these words and phrases into our O-site copy as appropriate. Moderation is important here—repeating the same word or phrase 12 times on each page might win us points with search-engine bots, but it’ll annoy our human O-site visitors.”

“Three points about SEO-friendly O-site content I want to touch on briefly,” Marka said. She scribbled with a piece of coal on the whiteboard behind her:

Keep it fresh—
Let’s commit to publishing a blog and frequently updating our news section—weekly if possible, but at least biweekly. Search engines prioritize fresh content, and having a frequently updated blog filled with keyword-rich posts is a great, relatively easy way to win SEO points.

T.J. is team leader of Grow Sales, Inc., a marketing and social media services company operating at the intersection of compelling content, clear vision and quality communication practices. In this blog, fire is a metaphor for print. Hang on, this ride will be weird...Prometheus crept into Mt. Olympus, stole fire, returned to the lowlands, ran from house to house distributing it, got caught, was chained to a rock, lost his liver to a huge ugly bird and was rescued by Hercules. Leveraging his fame, Prometheus started Fire Enterprises Inc.  (FEI). Since fire was the hottest technology of the time, company success came fast and furious. Two generations later, fire isn't such an easy sale. Now led by Prometheus' grandson Org, FEI's growth is non-existent, competitors are pounding and prices are in the toilet.
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