Don’t Let Online Posts Ruin Your Reputation

The Internet has changed the game when it comes to voicing your opinion. Everyone has free reign to post a complaint on a blog, forum or one of the thousands of regional and national complaint sites, and destroy your reputation. If you don’t manage your reputation online, you may wake up with a brutal comment at the top of the search results for your company.

Ever go to Yelp! and search “printers” for your city? Some printers have 10 or 20 reviews. I recently stumbled onto a white paper published by that highlights several practical ways to protect your brand and company from malicious content. Many potential customers, investors and employees will do an online background check before working with you.

A best practice is to monitor performance and constantly deliver beyond customer expectations, but things happen and there are those out there out to get you. Be prepared.

The problem with complaint sites is that complaints are never removed. Take a look at the policy of, one of the top complaint sites with more than 610,000 reports. It states, “Some people have criticized this policy as being unfair, but we strongly feel this policy is essential, fair, and far better than the alternative—rampant censorship.” The site has been sued by Fortune 500 companies in both state and federal courts and it has won 20 of 21 times.

You probably should consider another way to combat ballot stuffing or removing bogus content.

Protecting yourself involves posting positive content to drive down any negativity or garbage content when if searches for your company. Try searching your own company and see what comes up. It is amazing how many printers have a dotcom business listing on the first page search results.

Here are a few things you may want to consider to drive up positive results when people are learning about you on the Web. The goal is to have positive information in the first page search results.

Michael Casey is the founder of Survey Advantage and strategic partner with several printer associations and franchises. By leveraging information from a printer’s estimation and production software, Mike’s business has helped hundreds of printers automate their customer feedback and lead generation process. He may be reached via e-mail or (401) 560-0311 ext. 103. Read printer case studies on the Survey Advantage Website.
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