Do You Sell the Way You Talk?

I had an interesting revelation recently. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I just completed my ninth consecutive 30 minute coaching call. In the middle of that run it dawned on me that the selling style of the person I was listening to was virtually identical to their style of conversation.

Several of the reps talked in long, run-on sentences, bouncing from subject to subject as if they were behind the wheel of a car which was blasting through stop signs. My guess is that their sales are as scattered as the dialogue that flies from their mouths.

Other reps had panic and uncertainty in their voice. They were quiet and timid. I’m certain that, if confronted on price, their response would have an equal amount of panic and uncertainty. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the price objection was caused by their panic and uncertainty.

One rep that I spoke with talked with confidence and candor. He was engaging and bright. He chose his words carefully and was thoughtful in his approach. I would bet that his desk could pass an inspection from the toughest military drill Sgt. He is likely to be a thoughtful and exacting salesperson.

The customer hears every emotion you are having. They take clues from the tone of your voice, the pace of the conversation, and the confidence (or lack thereof) that you demonstrate through your words.

If you knew that your success in sales was, in part, predicated by the way you talked, you would likely work to speak like a Champion.

Well, Champ? What are you waiting for?

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  • RyanSauers

    Hey Bill, hope all is well. Nice post here. I love it. R

  • Kluesy

    Well played Bill, confidence is 90% of the battle