Endured a Digital Doom? Talk to Me…

Aloha and happy spring! I’m looking for a little audience participation in support of an article that I’m writing.

The theme is digital printing misfires and reboots. I’m in search of companies that had really bad experiences with digital equipment they installed. Not steep learning curves, but outright disasters. Cost of ownership, including click charges, way higher than promised…service and support nightmares…being oversold on leasing the wrong equipment to meet your needs, etc.

My article will not be a digital equipment bashing extravaganza, but rather a look at failure and redemption. If your tale has a happy ending—eventual success via a later generation piece or another manufacturer’s solution—all the more better. And, don’t worry, if you participate, we won’t be hanging any digital equipment manufacturers out to dry by specifically naming them or their product names within the article.

Interested in taking part? Shoot me an e-mail, ecagle@napco.com, and we’ll set up a time to talk. I’m looking for printers only. Thanks!