Brazil Makes a Big First Impressão

The skyline of São Paulo, Brazil.

PIworld readers, greetings from South America! I am spending my summer working for Heidelberg in its lead market, São Paulo, Brazil. Living in one of the largest cities in the world is quite an adventure and I look forward to sharing my experiences throughout the next three months.

Similar to my time with Heidelberg in Germany, I am working within the company’s integrated workflow system, called Prinect. My interests in workflow optimization and operational efficiency are taking a new direction and shifting toward the business aspect of the industry. This summer, my projects are focusing on market strategy to drive further growth in sales and the strategic analysis behind market introduction of Prinect products.

Brazil, over the last few years, has undergone rapid economical growth and is currently among the six largest cities in the world. With the hosting of the 2014 Men’s World Cup and 2016 Olympics, I do not foresee its economy slowing down anytime soon.

I find working within one of the world’s lead markets for print to be very exciting and full of constant activity. I hope everyone is having a good start to summer, and as I continue through my internship, I will be sure to check in and share how things are going in Brazil.

Nick Gawreluk is product manager of integrated solutions at Mimeo. His passion for print has spanned across the globe to South America and Europe in addition to many unique work experiences inside the United States.

He enjoys sharing his insight and involvement within the industry and is always searching for new experiences. Nick’s goal is to lead his generation into the future of the printing industry.
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