‘Baby BAUM’ Raises the Bar for Tabletop Folders

Baumfolder 714XA AutoFold tabletop folder.

The new Baumfolder 714XA AutoFold, affectionately nicknamed the “Baby BAUM,” is an automated tabletop folder to be reckoned with. I saw it live on the show floor at GRAPH EXPO and was pretty surprised at its hi-tech functionality, and its ability to make fast and tidy gatefolds, tri-folds, double parallels and accordions.

I spent some time at the show with Mark Pellman, Baumfolder’s director of sales and marketing. He walked me through several of BAUM’s folding solutions, but the one that really stood out to me was the 714XA. The machine has a surprising level of sophistication in its small footprint.

One of the most valuable features of the machine is its ability to support and feed a 26˝ long sheet of paper. Anybody want to guess why this is a good thing? I’ll tell you…the size is perfect for folding tri-fold brochures that measure 8.5×11˝ folded. This common folded size would normally have to be folded on a large floor-model folder.

Six folding styles are pre-programmed on a simple touchscreen, with the ability to store up to 20 custom folds in memory—a number well above the memory offered on previous BAUM automated tabletop folders. Jobs can be saved-recalled, deleted and reset. A unique Variable Batch feature with batch counter allows operators to enter the number of sheets in each batch and then enter the number of batches to be completed. For example, you may want one batch for one customer and 10 batches for the next customer. Job progress can be tracked on the batch counter.

Other key features that set this machine apart include:

• BAUM Turbo Wheel Air/vacuum feeding technology.

• Several static reduction devices built into the folder.

• Non-marking, flip deflector fold plate technology.

• Troubleshooting touchscreen with self-diagnostic indicators.

• Green features such as “One Sheet” feed mode and single rotary vacuum pump.

Trish Witkowski is Chief Folding Fanatic at foldfactory.com, and president of Rock the Mailbox. An educator, author, speaker and award-winning designer, Trish has a specialized expertise in creative solutions for direct mail and marketing, and is the curator of the world's most exciting collection of folded print and direct mail samples. Trish is the creator of the FOLDRite folding template system, and has authored many resources, most recently Direct Mail Simplified, and Paper Folding Templates for Print Design. She also hosts a popular weekly e-video series "60-second Super-cool FOLD of the WEEK", and is an instructor at Lynda.com. Trish holds a MS in Printing and a BFA in Graphic Design from RIT.
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