Are You Driving Sales?

The Vision 3 Summit (V3S) will be held March 13-16, 2011 at the JW Marriott Desert Springs in Palm Desert, CA.

At your company, who is compiling the strategy of:

• what type of clients you should do business with,

• what mix of products and services are right for them,

• what’s the message,

• why should they buy from you, and

• how do you make sure that it’s all profitable for the business?

Just as important, it is vital to make sure the sales team is able to carry out the message as planned and the plant produces as promised.

If you are the owner, president or CEO, your added role in this changing and dynamic marketplace is to also wear the CSO—Chief Sales Officer—hat. You probably won’t find the CSO position on most printing company organizational charts. That does not mean that strategy and sales oversight has been left out, but it may indicate that the sales side of the business may not be on the same footing as operations or finance. This role takes on a much greater level of importance given the changes in the industry regarding overall demand, sales process changes, customer expectations and a shifting product mix.

In basic terms, whom are you going to call on and why, what are you going to sell them that will make their business perform better and why should they select you to help them are key elements of your business that can not be left to chance. Setting the course for your company’s sales success while aligning with your overall corporate goals is part of the CSO role.

Sales results and performance management usually begin with setting expectations, providing meaningful coaching opportunities and having the proper levels of accountability.

To learn more, check out this session at the Vision 3 conference:

Profitable Sales Growth in a Changing, Dynamic Marketplace
The roadmap to profitable growth starts at the top. Leaders must drive the sales initiative to achieve the profit goals of the company.

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