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Kodak Prosper Inkjet press

HP T200 inkjet web press

Xerox inkjet demonstration press

Last week in Birmingham was one of those weeks when most things didn’t go quite as planned. First, my flight from Philly to Manchester was cancelled thanks to the volcano in Iceland. I managed to get myself and a colleague re-booked onto a flight to Munich, then London, followed by a train to Birmingham. Then the train was cancelled, but we caught a later one, finally reaching Birmingham some 12 hours later than planned. Not bad, all things considered…except that my luggage never made it to London. Nor did it catch up to me, for that matter, until I returned home a week later. (Sure do wish I could get the miles for the extra trips it made credited to my frequent flyer account!). Then my cell phone wouldn’t work. And if the National Exhibition Center (where Ipex is held) ever figures out how to make WiFi work correctly, it will be a minor miracle. On the other hand, the fish and chips were pretty good, and the steak tip sandwiches outside of Hall 12 were delightful. And British beer, while not quite as good as Belgian or German brews, was welcome at the end of the day.

Anyway, between borrowed clothes (Thank you, Steve Reynolds and Pete Basilere!) and a conveniently located Gap Store in a well-stocked mall, I did some basic re-supplying and managed to get through the week. And I learned that everyone you meet is so nice when they hear you lost your luggage!

The Inkjet Ipex?
Some people said this was going to be the “Inkjet Ipex,” and I noted back on May 13 that I’d be looking for these systems at the show. But much like drupa 2008, the reality remained more promise than product. Looks like this inkjet thing may be a bit harder to do than many folks expected. I’ll go into more detail in a later piece, but here’s the thumbnail.

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  • http://BillFarquharson Bill Farquharson

    Hurry home, Noel! Here in New England we have volcano ash of our own. It’s called “pollen” and its everywhere!

    Great read. Thanks for the update.