A Few of My Favorite Things

Anyone who has committed to writing on a regular basis knows that it can be difficult at times to come up with interesting subject matter. I constantly keep my eyes open and my notebook handy for topics that I think (HOPE) will interest and inspire you. I’ll be honest. This often includes “borrowing” (STEALING) ideas from other writers, blogs, newspapers, colleagues; ANYONE and ANYTHING is fair game as far as I’m concerned. Some of my clients have even said, “You probably get a lot of good material for your blog from us, don’t you?” ANSWER? Yep.

Today’s idea is borrowed from a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, Mary Schmich, a Pulitzer Prize winner and beloved Chicago institution for those of us who still read newspapers. This past week she wrote about some of her favorite books, movies, and other pop culture items du jour. I immediately glommed on to this topic and figured I could relay some of my favorite sales material and inspirations for all of you. And as homage to Mary, I’ll start with

  1. The Chicago Tribune—I still read my Sunday paper cover to cover (except for Sports and the car ads) and find particular inspiration and encouragement when I see help wanted ads for printers, (which by the way is happening more and more these days) Sales hiring and hiring in general is an area I pay close attention to, because if you’ve ever listened to anything Bill and I have said, if a company is hiring, it’s growing, and that makes them a good potential prospect.
  2. Glengary Glenn Ross—This movie is the ultimate blueprint and bible for salespeople. While bleak, this is part inspiration, part cautionary tale. I once had a new salesperson tell me that I ruined his life when I told him to watch it, but for most of us in sales, we find some measure of solace and comfort in this film. Click here to view the trailer.
  3. SUCCESS magazine—I just picked this publication up for the first time yesterday; in fact I had never heard of it. First, I love to support the printed word, and second, this magazine will just make you feel good. It is full of positivity, ideas, inspiration and role models for how to achieve.
  4. WWW.PIWORLD.COM—I am not pandering here—I visit this Website every day to find out what is going on in our industry. Breaking news, great blogs (other than mine of course) case studies and the super cool fold of the week. It keeps me current. It keeps me relevant. It gives me stuff to talk about. It keeps me sharp.
  5. Another One Bites the Dust—by Queen. This song is my ass-kicking motivator. It makes me feel good. It revs me up. I sing out loud, pump my fist, bang on my steering wheel and set myself up for magnificent success.

    So these are just a few of my favorite things. No raindrops on roses; no whiskers on kittens. Care to share some of YOUR favorite things?

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  • Jessica Gutowski

    Cute post. I’m going to have to watch Glengary Glenn Ross. I used to have another one bites the dust as my ringtone- it is the best! :)

  • Jim Iverson

    I love to read my KC Star on Sundays!