9 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Effectiveness

Your company website is the FIRST place prospects go to evaluate you. How does your site compare to those of your competitors? Are you putting your company at a competitive disadvantage right from the start? Here are some things to consider:

1) Don’t assume people WANT to be on your website
. In fact, they are only there because they are seeking information—and they want it fast.

2) Utilize predictive behavior. Navigation links should be on the top and/or left side of a page. That’s where people expect them to be.

3) Follow the nine-second rule. If a Web page can’t deliver the intended message in nine seconds, it won’t be effective.

4) People scan images before they read text. Make sure your pages are graphically pleasing and not overloaded with content.

5) View your website as a one-on-one conversation with your best customer. Too many sites read like an owner’s manual.

6) Make it personal.
People do business with people. Provide names and avoid using generic email addresses as your company contact (sales@, info@, etc.).

7) Build trust and credibility. Add testimonials, company history, and community involvement features to your site. These things matter.

8) Consider posting a “Customer Bill of Rights” that is attributed to your company’s president and includes his/her contact info. People are always impressed when they have the ability to contact the president of a company. It’s extremely reassuring.

9) Make customer resources, newsletters and other content available. Providing relevant content not only makes your site engaging, it’s critical for SEO.

Patrick Whelan, can be contacted at pat@greatreachinc.com.

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