5 Other Ways PIworld Can Help You Sell More

I don’t want to preach to the choir here, folks. I hope that you read all of the PIworld sales and marketing blogs because they offer ideas on how to sell more and you can be more successful because of them. If so, please feel free to drop me a line and tell me that, because writing a blog often feels like shouting into a giant, gaping, soulless abyss. But don’t cry for me.

It occurred to me recently that there are many other resources available to you on Printing Impressions’ Website, and it’s possible that you may not know about all of them. So here, in no particular order, are some places I would be glancing if I were you.

1) The Super-Cool Fold of the Week.

Trish Witkowski is all about creativity and ideas, and if you’ve ever heard Bill and I talk for more than five minutes, you know that we continually preach about using your creativity and ideas as the best way to differentiate yourself from your competition. So check out Trish’s weekly examples of cool printed pieces and use what you learn to show your prospects what you can do for them—and demonstrate that you have your ear to the ground looking for NEW ways to help them reach their goals.

2) PODi case studies.

We often talk about anecdotal selling—the idea of using a story as a way to sell. This usually means telling a prospect about another project that you worked on, what you brought to the table, and what the results were. It is a great way to build credibility and show that you are not just an order taker, but that you understand print is used to actually accomplish something, and you know what that is.

Case studies can also be used in this manner. Just because it is not YOUR story, doesn’t mean you can’t still use it to show what CAN be done. Be honest and tell the prospect that you read about it, but use it as a way to bring a new idea to the table and stay focused on results.

[Editor’s note: PODi has kindly given us the rights to share a new case study every month, but the archive resides only on its website.]

Now working as a consultant, Kelly sold digital printing for 15 years so she understands the challenges, frustrations and pitfalls of building a successful sales practice. Her mission is to help printers of all sizes sell more stuff. Kelly's areas of focus include client recovery, retention and acquisition, and marketing communications projects.
Kelly graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Political Science and, among other notable accomplishments, co-founded the Windy City Rollers, a professional women's roller derby league.

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  • margiedana

    Why, what a nice surprise and super compliment – thanks, Kelly! Quite an honor!!!!

  • NJPrintGuy

    Great advice, as usual Kelly. Please keep up the good work. Even though we may not always comment, doesn’t mean we aren’t reading and trying to put your advice into practice. Thanks for all you do!

  • Brent Clarke

    Hey Kelly, I just wanted to let you know I read the PI marketing blogs regularly. Although I’m not a print or design seller, I’m involved daily with printers and print management companies and I love yours and the the rest of the gangs blogs and try to implement them into my daily activities as best I can. Amazing how so many of your examples and recommendations translate directly to other markets. I love the print specific examples and scenarios you include in your blogs. Great job!

  • CanonKelly

    I am blushing and about to cry right now y’all! Thanks for all the kind words! I feel like Sally Field accepting an Oscar in the 70’s!

  • Alphagraphics Columbus OH

    I really appreciate Margie for all that she does on her blog. Blog writing is difficult but its amazing how is comes up with great suggestions in her blog. Thanks.